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Gazpromneft Compressor OIL
Blended with high-quality paraffinic mineral basestocks and thoroughly selected ashless additives, the oils in this range deliver excellent performance that meets the requirements of major OEMs. The product is developed for lubrication and wear protection in stationary compressors operating at 160°С maximum compression temperature and mobile compressors with compression and discharge temperatures of up to 220 °С. Gazpromneft Compressor Oil 46 and 68 are used for rotary (screw and vane) compressors lubrication; Gazpromneft Compressor Oil 100, 150 and 220 deliver efficient protection for piston compressors.
Gazpromneft Compressor S Synth
These high-performance semi-synthetic ashless lubricants meet the requirements of major OEMs and, in some cases, exceed expectations of compressor manufacturers. The range is designed to provide high-temperature and long-term lubrication in modern mobile and stationary air compressors operating at up to 220°С ambient temperature. Gazpromneft Compressor S Synth 100 and 150 are recommended for use in piston compressors. Gazpromneft Compressor S Synth 46 and 68 are suitable for rotary (screw and sliding vane) compressors of foreign and domestic production at chemical, construction, food and machinery plants, as well as in other industries.
Gazpromneft Reductor WS
Blended with high quality mineral base oils and multi-purpose foreign additives, this range of multigrade gear oils meets the highest requirements of OEMs of industrial gears. Performing improved low-temperature characteristics and excellent anti-welding, lubricating, demulsifying and anti-foaming properties, the oils reduce boundary friction, remove heat and wear debris produced by friction in gears and bearings. The products deliver superior protection from rust, welding, wear and cracking of friction parts in gears and worm gear drives. They extend the system life and guarantee trouble-free operation over a wide range of temperatures and loads. The lubricants also serve as a sealing agent preventing ingress of dust and moisture.
Gazpromneft Turbine Oil 32
High quality turbine oil produced for lubricating and cooling of bearings in stationary gearless steam and gas turbines of foreign and domestic production. It is recommended for use in turbine hydraulic control systems, as well as for use as lubricating and sealing liquid in turbochargers and other equipment that, according to OEMs, requires oils featuring good oxidation stability, anti-rust and demulsifying performance, low foaming tendency and rapid air separation.
KS P-19P (A)
Formulated with special basestocks, the oil is designed to deliver lubrication and wear protection in medium and high pressure piston compressors, blowers and rotary compressors operated in various industries or installed in vehicles - where application of this viscosity range oil is recommended. It is also suitable for use in single-stage and multistage compressors generating air and/or other oil-insoluble gases.

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