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Gazpromneft EP-2 / Gazpromneft EP-3
These water-repellent anti-welding greases are formulated from mineral base stocks thickened with lithium soap of 12-hydroxy stearic acid, with progressive additive system. It is recommended for use in roller bearings and slideways of vehicles and machinery operating in a temperature range of – 40/+130°С with short exposure to +150°С.
Gazpromneft Grease L 00, 0, 1, 2, 3
The multi-purpose lithium grease provides superior lubrication in industrial and transport applications for mechanisms running under moderate operating conditions.
Gazpromneft Grease L EP 00, 0, 1, 2, 3
Multi-purpose lithium grease with EP additives suited for tough, heavy-duty shock loaded equipment in industrial and transportation applications.
Gazpromneft Grease L Moly EP 2
The multi-purpose lithium EP grease formulated with solid compound (molybdenum disulphide) is used to protect wearing parts in tractors, diggers, bulldozers, skid steer and forklift loaders, impactors, vibrating screens and other machinery and vehicles subjected to extreme pressure and severe operating conditions.
Gazpromneft Grease LTS 2
The multi-purpose lithium/calcium soap based grease formulated with EP additives is used in industrial, construction and agricultural applications for machinery running under extreme pressure operating conditions.
Gazpromneft Grease LTS Moly EP 2
High performance lithium/calcium soap based grease formulated with EP additives and solid compound (molybdenum disulphide) designed to provide wear and corrosion protection in construction, mining and other equipment subjected to EP loads under extremely severe operating conditions, including water.
Gazpromneft Grease LX EP 2
Multi-purpose lithium soap thickened grease with EP additives formulated to protect against wear at high temperatures and under extreme pressure operating conditions. Product is designed to extend bearing life in fans, electric motors, truck wheels and oven dryer rollers, paper machines wet end and dryer sections, automatic washers and other machinery.
Gazpromneft LITO L-24
Produced from mineral base oil, lithium soap and high performance additives this multipurpose anti-friction water-resistant grease is used in roller bearings and slideways, joints and other bearings and gears; in wheeled and tracked vehicles, industrial equipment and electric and other machines. It delivers superior performance at – 40 to +120°С and short exposure to +130°С.
Gazpromneft Metalgrease AC
This industrial bentonite grease is formulated with solid compounds for heavy load, high temperature and high contamination applications. It is suitable for mechanical jacks, lift crane joints, slewing bearings, heavy-duty rolling mills and presses, as well as track rollers in tunnel ovens and dryers, paving compactors and other mechanisms.
Gazpromneft Steelgrease CS 1; 2
The water-resistant grease developed on the base of calcium sulfonate protects against friction under high temperature and extreme-pressure operating conditions. The grease is designed to deliver superior lubrication of bearings in continuous casting machines, hot rolling mills and other metalworking machinery. It is also recommended for use in other mechanisms of industrial equipment involving frequent contact with water. It is suitable both for manual (NLGI 2) and automatic (NLGI 1) lubricating systems.
Gazpromneft Supergrease CX 2
This multi-purpose calcium soap based grease is designed for lubrication in industrial machinery working under operating temperature conditions and the presence of water. It is recommended for use in bearings of foundry and cement factory ovens, rolling mill cylinders, hot stamping presses, calender rollers, extruders, wet end and dryer sections of paper machines, water gates, sluices and other equipment.

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