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Hydraulic Oils


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Gazpromneft Hydraulic
Blended with high quality solvent-refined mineral base oils and foreign additives the product delivers superior performance and unmatched filterability in hydraulic systems of foreign and domestic medium and heavy-duty equipment. Excellent operating properties of the oil meet and exceed the IGP (GOST) lubricant requirements. Factory package assumes purity class not less than 12 (GOST 17216). Improved filterability enables the use of 4-6 micron filter.
Gazpromneft Hydraulic HLP
High-quality lubricant formulated with highly refined mineral oils and multi-purpose foreign additives, delivers excellent performance and reliability in hydraulic systems of automatic transfer lines, heavy-duty presses and other modern foreign and domestic equipment. Complying with the requirements of the world’s OEMs it has perfect pumping ability (proved during 1.2 micron filter testing by Pall), reduces technical service and repair costs.
Gazpromneft Hydraulic HVLP
The range of high-performance hydraulic oils designed to reduce wear in mobile and stationary hydraulic drives running under a wide range temperature conditions. Little fluctuation of viscosity over low and high temperatures makes the product suitable for both indoor and outdoor seasonal use in road, marine and construction equipment, as well as in high accuracy machinery. High-quality base oils and specially selected additives deliver excellent anti-corrosion, deaerating and demulsifying properties, superior wear and oxidation resistance in wide operating temperature range.
Gazpromneft Hydraulic HZF
Zinc-free hydraulic oils formulated to ensure exceptional performance in heavy-duty hydraulic systems, including NC machines, as well as in forming machines, mobile plants and marine equipment. The range delivers unsurpassed performance under severe operating conditions of high temperature and high pressure. Other applications include close-tolerance servo valves and hydraulic systems using high capacity pumps. Developed in cooperation with one of the world-leading additives supplier on the basis of high purity mineral base oils and thoroughly selected additives, it offers superior thermal and hydrolytic stability, finest demulsifying and anti-corrosive properties along with excellent filterability.

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