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Mobile Hydraulic Oils


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Gazpromneft Class R
Formulated for excellent all-year-round performance in hydraulic power steering and hydrostatic drives of cars and other machinery. Progressive additive system provides outstanding lubricant performance. Allows for stepless speed control and protects hydraulics components from wear throughout their service life.
Gazpromneft Class А
The all-season oil designed for torque transmissions and A/T of domestically produced heavy-duty trucks and busses. It is also suitable for hydrostatic drives of mobile agricultural and other equipment. The product delivers easy start and excellent performance at the operating temperature above -20°С. High-quality additives ensure reliable performance. The lubricant meets the requirements of Russian OEMs of automatic transmissions for passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles.
Gazpromneft VMGZ / Gazpromneft VMGZ PAO
The range designed for excellent performance in hydraulic drives and hydraulic controls of construction, road, forestry, material handling and other outdoor equipment. High purity low-viscosity mineral base oils in combination with effective additive system provide excellent viscosity, anti-oxidation, anti-wear, anti-corrosive, low-temperature and antifoaming properties. Formulated with a synthetic component, the product outperforms similar lubricants of other manufacturers.
MG-68V Hydraulic Oil
The product is designed for use in hydraulic systems and transmissions of tractors and other agricultural machinery working under pressure of not more than 25mPa. Formulated with mineral base oils and efficient additive system, it improves anti-oxidation, anti-wear, depressing and antifoaming properties.
MGE-46V Hydraulic Oil
Blended with mineral oils and efficient additives, the product exhibits excellent protection from wear, high oxidation and viscosity stability. It is suitable for hydraulic systems (hydrostatic drives) of agricultural, construction, road and other machinery working under pressure not more than 35mPa with short exposure to 42mPa and in a temperature range of -10/+80°С.

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