With us you have the right partner in the road and aerodrome construction, we deliver the right bitumen!

DW OIL Trading GmbH has set itself the goal of meeting today’s requirements of the road and aerodrome building industry. Be it the innovative polymer bitumen cement materials (PBV), as well as the conventional, proven bituminous materials.

Our bitumen is packaged in a medium tonnage container of environmentally friendly materials (IBC Clovertainer®).

The advantage of the clovertainer is the simple transport as well as the smooth storage. A particular advantage is the simplified logistics. The disposable packaging of our chilled bitumen, makes it possible to reach customers in hard-to-reach delivery destinations.

At the customer’s request, we also supply liquid Bitumen by railroad cisterns.

New capacity: l 1000
Length: mm 1140
Width: mm 1140
Height: mm 1080
The diameter of the filler neck: mm 200
Packing dimensions (IBC) complete: kg 75 ± 5
Certificate Bitumen
Name Certificate
BNK 45/190
BW 50/70
BND 60/90
BN 90/100
BND 90/130
BND 100/130
EBK-1 Bitumen Emulsion
Certificate Polymer Bitumen
Name Certificate
Certificate of conformity of the factory production control
PBW 60
PBW 130
PBW 40
PBW 90

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