DW OIL does not just want to satisfy customers as a supplier, our aim is it to convince also as a producer. For this reason, in 2009 our subsidiary DW OIL Polska SP z o.o. was founded in Manie, Poland. It offers us the possibility to produce and to storage our products. For this reason, we are able to provide our customers with paraffin, slack wax and petrolatum when ever they need it.

Through our own laboratory on site, we have the opportunity to produce the right blend for every customer. If you are unsure about the quality you should use, our lab technician will prepare the appropriate blend pattern for your application.

granulation slabbing


Form Minimum Order Quantity
liquid 20 mt
slabs 5 kg/ 8 kg 5 kg
granulate no minimum order quantity

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Purchasing & Sales Manager  

Michael Lerner

E-Mail: michael.lerner@dwoil.de

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Fax. +49-211-74966936