Since 1998, Mr. Waldemar Dercho, the founder and CEO of DW OIL Trading GmbH, has been attending in the petrochemical industry. Many years of experience and relationships helped him, since the founding of DW OIL Trading GmbH in 2004, to successfully establish and expand the company.

In 2009, the subsidiary DW OIL Polska Sp. z o.o. was founded. The subsidiary serves as a production and processing center for paraffin wax products and as a product storage facility. Through our own laboratory and close collaboration with accredited laboratories such as J.S Hamilton, we are able to perform and certify all desired quality tests. The direct contact to the leading refineries in the world, allow us to offer a wide range of products to our customers and to produce blends according their wishes. Our own products such as DWO, DWP, DWP Lux and DWT have established themselves strongly in the paraffin market and are represented in particular on the Central and Eastern European market as well as in former Yugoslavia.

In 2011, DW OIL Polska SP z o.o. became member of the Polish society of candle and grave lights manufacturers.

In order to expand our presence at the Asian market, SIBI Energy Mongol Group was  established 2012 in Mongolia. The Mongolian subsidiary is primarily involved in the trading of crude and petroleum products, in particular motor oils and bitumen. Despite powerful competition at the Asian market, with the help of our experienced and local team, we are always able to expand and strengthen our market position.