Paraffin wax 54-56 °C Melting point as 5 kg slabs, fully refined

44,75  inkl. MwSt.



We offer high quality paraffin wax with a solidification point of approximately 55° (54-56°C). It is a highly pure paraffin wax that is produced using the latest methods. As a so-called fully refined paraffin, this paraffin has a low oil content (usually 0.4%).

Paraffins are formed from various fractions of hydrocarbon crystallization. The next step is the process of refining and hydrogenation.
Paraffin has a neutral pH value and does not contain any fatty acids (e.g. stearic acid).


The wax offered here can be used for the production of candles, as a raw material for the production of wood and metal processing emulsions, coatings, impregnations as well as for other purposes. Paraffin can be mixed well with vegetable waxes, e.g. palm waxes.

The paraffin is supplied as 5 kg slabs. The goods are packed in 25 kg boxes, 50 kg bags or smaller packages than 25 kg.

Additional information

Weight 5-25 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm


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